By proceeding with the order, you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions below.

  1. Prices

All our prices are subject to VAT and are valid for a period of 20 working days from the date of the initial estimation. Our prices do not include removing or disposing of existing doors or windows, internal or external making good, which includes (but is not limited to) mastic sealing or fitting external trims. Our prices include:

  1. Supply and installation option: supply and installation of the products and/or services as described in our quotation, one site visit and a maximum of 3 revisions of design. Any extra drawings or site visits are subject to an additional charge.
  2. Supply only option: supply and delivery of the products, does not include any site visits and includes a maximum of 3 revisions of drawings.
  3. A site visit is conducted after Ghega Interiors receives the payment of the deposit. Should you require a site visit before paying the deposit, there will be a charge of € 100 plus VAT, which will be deducted from the total price should you place the order.
  1. Placing the order

Should you wish to proceed with your order, we would kindly ask you to sign and return to us the final quotation. We will require a deposit to confirm your order. On receipt of your deposit, your order will be entered into our ordering system and a factory slot will be secured for your windows/doors.

  1. Payment terms

50 % deposit upfront on order confirmation

50 % balance after the installation

  1. Lead times

Our standard lead times are estimated and begin from receipt of deposit. However, as our products are bespoke, the lead times are NOT FIXED and are subject to change. Whilst we endeavor to ensure our products are delivered within the estimated time frame, we cannot guarantee that as there may be events beyond our control that may delay the delivery/installation.

  1. Drawings

All our drawings are mock ups and intended for illustration purposes only. Our products are fully bespoke, therefore they may differ from the mock up drawings as a result of our standardized manufacturing process, and any necessary revisions made during fabrication and a tolerance of +/- 6 mm is to be allowed. All details regarding the order, such as ironmongery or colour choise, need to be confirmed in writing/email correspondence with our office. Ghega Interiors BV will not be responsible for any requests/arrangements made over the phone. Any changes made to the design during the order period may delay the delivery times.

Ghega Interiors BV quotations are prepared based on the RAL colours palette.

All custom colours are subject to an additional charge per order.

  1. Site Visit

In order to take exact measurements during a site survey, the openings need to be prepared and need to allow the surveyor to obtain floor, wall and ceiling finishes. Otherwise, additional site survey may be required leading to additional cost which will be deducted from the final price.

Ghega Interiors may rely fully on measurements provided by the client/main contractor/architect or builder. In such case, Ghega Interiors will not take the responsibility for any errors resulting from incorrect measurements given. Final drawings will be sent for the client to confirm all details and sizes prior to manufacture.

Ghega Interiors must be given all working details/necessary information which may have an impact on the installation/manufacturing process, e.g. existing/planned underfloor heating, sufficient strengthening of the door opening to hold the doors. Such information must be provided during the site survey, at the latest.

  1. Installation

All openings are to be fully prepared by others and made accessible and safe before the agreed installation date. Otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel the installation and a fee of € 220/man/day plus VAT will be applied to cover the cost of our installation team and re-booking a new installation date.

Should Ghega Interiors be required to prepare the opening for installation by removing any hoarding or obstacles blocking the installation, an additional charge may be applied. Should the installation be extended or split into phases due to factors not caused by Ghega Interiors, due to circumstances caused by the site or situations that we are not notified about, then each additional man day will be charged at € 220 plus VAT per man, per day. Should there be any unforeseen additional works required to complete the installation, e.g. the wall/floor levels are not even and additional trims/fillers are required to cover the gaps, these can be supplied at an additional cost.


  1. Glass standards

Ghega Interiors BV works in accordance with the standards of Glass and Glazing Federation, which are as follows:

Viewing area:

  1. Scratches and sleeks are acceptable if not visible from 2 metres viewing distance, or 3 metres for toughened, laminated or coated glass.
  2. Bubbles and inclusions not greater than 2.0mm at least 150mm apart are deemed acceptable.
  3. Occasional white scars near the edge zone are acceptable.


  1. Oversized doors/windows

If our quotation includes an item which is marked as OVERSIZED, this means that the door/window exceeds the recommended dimensions and therefore our warranty cannot be provided for the performance of such door/window.


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